The video shows the plane roaring over onlookers before a ‘crazy’ close-call landing

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A plane landing at a Greek airport is seen coming within feet of people standing on the shore before touching down on the runway in nerve-wracking video.

Footage posted on YouTube by user GreatFlyer shows a Vizier Airbus A321neo landing at Skiathos Airport on the Greek island of Skiathos.

“That was absolutely insane!,” wrote one commenter, congratulating the videographer.

The video shows the plane coming in for a landing, almost at a head-on angle with the camera. A small crowd had gathered on the shore, only a small road and a barbed wire barrier separating them from the runway. A man standing near the barrier appeared to be thrown out of the way when the plane passed overhead, missing his landing gear.

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This isn’t the only close call video at Skiathos Airport posted by GreatFlyer, and a YouTube search comes up with several clips of takeoffs and landings at the European resort. Titled “New Low Landing?” However, this video indicates that the plane is the closest to the ground out of all the videos.

A plane is seen taking off from the runway.

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