North Korea’s Kim Jong Un declares victory over Covid

North Korea has not disclosed how many virus infections it has detected, but since July 29 it has not reported any new suspected cases due to what international aid agencies say is limited testing capacity.

While lifting maximum anti-epidemic measures, Kim said North Korea should “maintain a steel-strong anti-epidemic barrier and intensify anti-epidemic work until the end of the global health crisis,” according to a state news agency report. KCNA.

While the authoritarian north has used the pandemic to tighten social controls, its victory declaration could be a prelude to restoring trade hampered by border lockdowns and other restrictions, analysts said.

Observers said the North could clear the way for its first nuclear weapons test since 2017.

North Korea’s official death toll of 74 people is an “unprecedented miracle” compared to other countries, KCNA reported, citing another official.

Instead of confirmed cases, North Korea reported the number of people with flu symptoms. Those daily cases topped 392,000 on May 15, prompting health experts to warn of an imminent crisis.
The World Health Organization cast doubt on North Korea’s claims, saying last month it believed the situation was getting worse, not better, amid the absence of independent data.

Pyongyang’s declaration of victory comes despite rolling out any known vaccine program. Instead, the country says it relies on lockdowns, indigenous drug treatments and what Kim calls a “convenient Korean-style socialist system.”

Amidst the measures, the North said it is carrying out intensive nationwide medical checks with daily PCR tests on water collected in border areas.

It said it is developing new methods to better detect the virus and its variants and other infectious diseases such as monkeypox.
Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, said the North Korean leader himself was suffering from flu symptoms and blamed South Korean leaflets for the outbreak, KCNA reported.

“Though he was seriously ill with high fever, he could not sleep for a moment to think about the people he had to care for till the end in the face of the anti-epidemic war,” he said in his appreciation speech. His efforts.

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