Does China own Taiwan? Or is the island an independent nation? Americans weigh in

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Americans who spoke to Fox News in Wisconsin acknowledged Taiwan as its own country amid tensions over the island’s independence from China.

“Taiwan is definitely its own country,” a man named Dustin told Fox News. “It is an independent country in its own right, and they have a sovereign right to exist.”

Another agreed and said: “China should mind their own business and get out of that independent country.”

China considers Taiwan its territory, but the island’s government rejects those claims and has operated as a self-governing democracy since 1949. Beijing insists that countries seeking ties with China cut formal ties with Taiwan, although the US maintains informal ties with the island. Govt.

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Michael, a Wisconsin State Fair attendee, said China should not dictate what the US does.
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“If we want to call Taiwan a country, I think we should,” said one man, Michael. “I don’t care if China is mad.”

“Who are they to tell the United States what to do?” Michael added. “We want to maintain decent foreign relations, but they don’t dictate what we do.”

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Don said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deserves credit for her visit to Taiwan "stood against the Chinese."

Don said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deserved credit for visiting Taiwan and “standing up to the Chinese.”

Candy maker Mars Wrigley apologized to China last week after a Snickers ad calling Taiwan a country went viral.

“Mars Wrigley respects China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and conducts its business operations in strict compliance with local Chinese laws and regulations,” the apology said.

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One man said that Taiwan should be its own country.

“I thought it was,” said another. “It’s probably too bad for me that I didn’t know that.”

Another couple attending the Wisconsin State Fair weighed in on Taiwanese independence.

Another couple attending the Wisconsin State Fair weighed in on Taiwanese independence.

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One attendee, Dan, said: “Well, China controls it in a way, but I give Nancy Pelosi a lot of credit for going out there and confronting the Chinese.”

House Speaker Pelosi visited Taiwan earlier this month. In response, Beijing sanctioned Pelosi and her immediate family, fired missiles at the island and conducted military drills nearby.

“I think China should leave them alone,” a woman who considers Taiwan an independent nation told Fox News. “Like that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin should leave Ukraine alone.

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