Tyrus: A phone has no place on a baseball field

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Discussing Tyrus Greg Gutfeld and guests, the Pittsburgh Pirates player dropped his phone while sliding into third base and yelled, “Gutfeld!” Why does he think that should be suspended at.

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Tyrus: It has no place A baseball field. I think he should be suspended for that. I hate it. You know, you’re a professional athlete. What a message you sent, it’s pathetic. You are so important, you are bigger than the game. Because what message are you going to send? The trade deadline has already passed. you are fine He had no reason to have the phone in his pocket other than arrogance. Maybe the Pittsburgh Pirates are in this situation, you know? But like it. Yes, for those who are great play the game. Yes, dead last. But it’s embarrassing and it really shouldn’t happen. There is no room for that.

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