Trey Gowdy: Not being able to see affidavit ‘a source of anger’

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Trey Gowdy discusses with the “Special Reports” committee how many people are angry because they have yet to see the affidavit related to the FBI attack on Trump.

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Trey Gowdy: I want more stuff. You know, that’s the curse of being a lawyer, Brett, you want more stuff? So with a probable cause foreshadowing for last week’s search, I’d like to See affidavit. That is a source of anger. Another source of anger is that, frankly, Brett, a six-year stalwart on the side of many Republicans, has slipped the blindfold and Lady Justice is paying attention to who’s in front of her. And it cannot be corrected with the release of an affidavit. Oh, absolutely. That’s why they all have these big old black pens where you can review informant information, grand jury information, and whatever else is going on. Investigative information. I mean, look, we get revised stuff all the time. Brett So let us know what you can tell us.

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