Tomi Lahren blasts NYC leaders for housing immigrants in upscale hotel: ‘Every taxpayer should be outraged’

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OutKick host Tomi Lahren criticized New York City Mayor Adams on “Fox and Friends First” Tuesday after reports that illegal immigrants who have entered the city from Texas are being housed at a luxury Manhattan hotel by taxpayers.

Another busload of immigrants from Texas arrives in New York City

Tomi Lahren: Every American taxpayer should be outraged by this. And if we’re wondering why we’re having an invasion, a flood, at our southern border, it could be the fact that we’re rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants who have no legal right to be here in the first place. It is against Remain in Mexico. The whole point of staying in Mexico is to separate those who really want asylum from those who want to take advantage of the American taxpayer, not just people who can’t afford to stay in a posh Times Square hotel. Let’s talk about the homeless warriors who don’t get this kind of treatment on our streets, on our bridges, on our freeways, on our highways, on the interstates of the United States. Now, while I applaud what Governor Abbott is doing by bussing these illegal immigrants into these sanctuary cities and states, it will take a flood for them to change their policies in these cities and these states. And the politicians who will replace them will not. It certainly won’t be Democrat politicians. Voters need to realize what an epic issue this is. We cannot absorb hundreds of thousands, even millions of people into an already struggling country. This can’t happen anymore.

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