Sean Hannity: The FBI and DOJ have sadly earned the country’s distrust

Sean Hannity discusses how the reputation of the FBI and DOJ has been “tarnished” following the raid on former President Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Largo.

Sean Hannity: Dodge is now being used as a weapon against Biden’s main political rival

Sean Hannity: As one of the staunchest supporters, if you watch this show or listen to my radio show on TV and radio in the country for decades, after years of witch hunts, political harassment, Russian fraud, frankly, our Department of Justice, our FBI’s reputation has already been tarnished, especially anything related to Donald Trump. .

And now this, especially Biden’s FBI and DOJ Possessing Hunter Biden’s laptop for years, the laptop implicates both Hunter and Joe Biden, the big man, in numerous crimes and lies. And they didn’t lift a finger at the FBI or DOJ to bring justice to the Biden family. Honestly, unfortunately, I say this. I no longer believe that we have equal justice under the law in this great country of ours, nor do I believe that we have equal application of our laws in this country.

If your last name is Clinton or Biden, chances are you’ll get a pass. If your last name is Trump, or if you associate with Trump at all, you get preemptive attacks, guns and, in some cases, fake news, the heavy-handed tactics of CNN cameras. Again, let me be very clear. As I always said on this program during the Russia fraud, 99% of the rank and file FBI agents put their lives on the line, working hard to keep this country safe. Tonight, I’d say it’s about 95%.

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 2: (AFP OUT) US President Donald Trump attends the announcement of the introduction of the Reform for a Strong Economy (RICE) Act in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on August 2, 2017 in Washington. DC. The act aims to overhaul US immigration by moving toward a “merit-based” system. (Photo by Zach Gibson – Poole/Getty Images)

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There are many good people FBI and law enforcement And in the intelligence community, the FBI and DOJ. They have sadly earned the distrust of the country, especially the upper echelon, which we now know remains rotten to the core.

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