Reporters Blast For Dropping Inflation Reduction Act Title With Bill Signing: ‘Not Trying Anymore’

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Twitter users slammed several media outlets and reporters for no longer using the term “Inflation Reduction Act” to describe the massive spending bill that President Biden signed into law on Tuesday.

After months of negotiations, Democrats pushed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 through the House and Senate. Biden and Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va. While several Democrats, including many, have claimed that the bill would reduce the record-high inflation rates the country has been experiencing, analysts have found that the bill would reduce inflation by about .1%. Next five years.

As the bill neared being signed into law, most media outlets began referring to it as the “climate and health” bill, referring to the nearly $369 billion going toward investing in “energy security and climate change.”

People shop at a supermarket as rising inflation affects consumer prices in Los Angeles, California, US, June 13, 2022.
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The shift became more apparent as Biden signed the bill into law on Tuesday and social media began blasting reporters.

Caitlon Collins, CNN’s chief White House correspondent, tweeted that “Sen. Manchin is at the White House to sign President Biden’s climate, tax and health care bills.”

“Caitlin,[sic] It’s an inflation cut… oh, never mind. We’re not even trying anymore, are we?” Townhall columnist Larry O’Connor tweeted in response.

“This bill was formerly known as the ‘Inflation Reduction Act,'” quipped political consultant Brittany Cover.

Heritage Foundation media director John Cooper tweeted, “Good for Caitlan for calling this garbage bill for what it really is. Definitely nothing to do with lowering inflation.”

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law on Tuesday.

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law on Tuesday.
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Reuters reports “Biden signs $430 billion climate, health and tax bill into law, seen as largest climate package in US history and designed to cut medicine.”

Conservative writer Chad Felix Green tweeted in response, “They blatantly lie and nothing happens. Republicans do nothing. Politics is pointless.”

Former Blaze Media director Jason Howerton wrote, “It’s funny how the media won’t call it the Deflation Act because it’s too big a lie for them to repeat. That’s really saying something.”

“Overnight, they all got their orders and stopped calling the deflationary act,” commented Substock writer Jim Treacher.

Journalist Drew Holden, tweeting related MSNBC headlines, noted, “The ‘Don’t Say Inflation’ memo is out and the corporate press is dutifully following suit.”

Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller highlighted a New York Times headline reading, “Detailed picture of what’s in Democrats’ climate and health care bill.”

While the White House did not respond to questions about when and how much the bill would begin to reduce inflation, officials have fought back against claims the act would have minimal impact, citing tax breaks for green energy and health care policies to save Americans money. .

CNN’s Harwood Admits Hook Manchin Calls Climate Bill ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ as ‘Marketing Tool’

Despite this, even the mainstream media has begun to question the name “Inflation Reduction Act” as most economists deny that the bill will have any effect. CNN’s John Harwood suggested the name was chosen specifically to draw Manchin, but CNN host Kate Bolduan suggested the bill’s effects on inflation were “negligible.”

Inflation fell to a record high of 8.5% in July.

Inflation fell to a record high of 8.5% in July.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl referred to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as “Orwellian” when asked about the bill on Sunday.

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“It’s going to fight inflation,” insisted Jean-Pierre. “It’s been proven, economists on the Republican side and on the Democrat side have said it.”

Fox News’ Courtney O’Brien contributed to this report.

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