Jesse Waters: AOC doesn’t work in its own hallway

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Jesse Waters and “The Five” discussed Monday that crime in the AOC’s district is up 57% and how New York Mayor Eric Adams isn’t meeting with him to do anything to address the problem.

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Jesse Waters: He hasn’t spoken to the mayor of New York City in over a year. why not They are both Democrats. Both have juice. Let’s work together for Good for the city. But she’s young, so she won’t. She doesn’t work across the aisle. She doesn’t even work on her own side of the aisle. Right now, she can bring home the bacon. You know, she has not installed a single electric car charging station in her district, not a single one. And this is her main thing. Now, the main problem is people New York is a crime. And she talks more about crime in Israel than she does about crime in New York City. I went back and looked at her website for press releases. He has not been released in over a year for a crime in New York.

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