Inflation Cut Act ‘mess’ after billionaire tax hike scrapped, AOC’s constituents sound

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s constituents weighed in on a massive spending bill and how Democrats scrapped a proposed tax hike that would affect billionaires from the Inflation Cut Act in order to pass its climate initiatives.

“Billionaires are the people who have the power to really change what we’re trying to change,” a man named Daniel told Fox News. “If it’s an unfocused issue we shouldn’t vote for it.”

But another man, Paul, said: “Passing a bill for the environment—anything that helps climate change, I’m all for. If the rich get a break, great.”

The Senate passed the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act on Sunday, a $433 billion spending bill that would spend $369 billion on climate initiatives and impose a 15% marginal tax on corporations with annual profits above $1 billion. The legislation at one point included language that would have changed the rules on carried interest, effectively raising taxes on the nation’s wealthiest, but Sen. Kirsten Sinema was eliminated to get her vote.

As the Inflation Reduction Act moves through Congress, Americans weigh in on the importance of climate initiatives

Tom, one of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Corretez’s constituents, discusses climate change.

“The whole bill is a mess,” a man named Tom told Fox News. “It’s a feel-good bill so Democrats can say they did something and they won’t do worse in the upcoming elections.”

“There are things in the tax code that allow people to write different things, so what are you going to do?” He said.

Daniel said Democrats should vote against the bill to include the said usury provision. As it stands, carried interest — the share of investment fund profits paid to executives — has a lower tax rate than other workers see.

Democrats are relying on a misleading message to sell the Manchin-Schumer bill

“If they’re not going to pay their share … I think that’s definitely something that needs to be tweaked in the bill,” Daniel told Fox News.

Another resident of AOC's district discusses Daniel's interest.

Another resident of AOC’s district discusses Daniel’s interest.

Another man, Zion, was skeptical about how much the bill would actually achieve.

Democrats’ 2024 decision could be swayed by a major spending bill win

“I don’t really trust anything the government is doing when it comes to climate or anything really,” Zion told Fox News. He said politicians had already “failed humanity” with their inaction on climate change over the past two decades.

Vermont’s Sen. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a liberal with a history of hitting fiscal “loopholes,” voted for the Inflation Reduction Act. Ocasio-Cortez, known for her aggressive stance toward raising taxes on billionaires, is set to vote on the bill Friday.

Zion, a New Yorker, says he has lost faith in government.

Zion, a New Yorker, says he has lost faith in government.
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“Climate change has been ignored for too long,” Max told Fox News. “If there are places where you have to make compromises to make change effective and quick, I think that’s something we have to take on right now.”

Zion said he has lost faith in the government’s ability to help average Americans.

“It is always for the betterment and protection of people like me and people who are in a higher social and economic position than the people living in this area,” he said.

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