DeSantis Press Secretary Roasts ABC News for Double Standard in Bill Coverage

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new press secretary, Brian Griffin, roasted ABC News in a lengthy Twitter thread, describing how the Disney-owned company was charmed by President Biden’s signing of the bill compared to its critical coverage of the bill signed by the Republican governor.

DeSantis’ press corps has “authority” for a harsh approach to media that it deems unfriendly.

“Governor DeSantis has empowered our team to hold the media accountable for inaccurate and disproportionately critical coverage, and we will continue to do so under his leadership,” Griffin told Fox News Digital when asked about the Twitter thread. She recently replaced Christina Pusha, whose feud with the Florida and national press often makes headlines, after she resigned to join DeSantis’ re-election team.

In the thread, “A Tale of Two Bill Signings with Mainstream Media Coverage (@ABC),” Griffin began by reviewing an ABC News article from August 16 about Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

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A glowing ABC News article headlined, “Biden Signs Broadening Health, Climate and Tax Bills, Major Win for His Domestic Agenda,” announcing that “the White House plans to celebrate a political victory again next month.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has feuded with ABC News’ parent company Disney over the Parents’ Bill of Rights in Education.
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DeSantis’ press secretary was part of the headline “Major Victory,” subtitled “Celebration,” and ABC News used Bill’s real name for different purposes. Griffin pointed out that ABC News used images of “joyful celebrations” of House Democrats giving Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., a round of applause.

Griffin’s article ended with six paragraphs of “references to three bill supporters,” “no critic’s perspective” and “points speaking directly from the White House” and praised Biden because he “interrupted his summer vacation” to sign it.

Griffin later signed another bill, but this time it was DeSantis’ bill of rights for parents in education, according to a March 28 article published by ABC News. DeSantis famously feuded with ABC News’ parent, the Walt Disney Company, over the Parents’ Rights in Education Bill, which prohibited Florida school employees from providing classroom instruction about “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” in kindergarten through third grade.

An ABC News article, “Florida Governor Signs Controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Into Law,” proclaimed, “The bill would ban lessons about sexual orientation or gender identity in some grades.”

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President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act received glowing coverage from ABC News.

President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act received glowing coverage from ABC News.
(Bastian Slobbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Griffin highlighted that the adjective used in the headline was “controversial,” rather than the positive treatment Biden’s bill received, and that the subtitle of DeSantis’ bill was “painfully overshadowed” because it used the word “certain grades.” Young children were affected.

ABC News initially referred to DeSantis’ bill as a “fake misnomer” because the “Don’t Say Gay” moniker coined by the left is misleading. DeSantis’ press secretary later suggested that ABC News had chosen a less than celebratory image of the Florida governor, citing three critics of the bill and nine paragraphs of opinion from critics of the bill.

It doesn’t look like the DeSantis team is going to stop pointing out examples of what they consider media hypocrisy anytime soon.

ABC News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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DeSantis’ political foes often ripped his media team for harsh criticism of the governor’s treatment of the press, and mainstream outlets didn’t mince their words about its approach.

“Pushaw, who will serve as the campaign’s director of rapid response, has drawn national attention for his aggressive style, which is unconventional for a taxpayer-funded press secretary. He has used the position to regularly pick public fights with reporters on social media, reinforcing right-wing media outlets and conservative figures who oppose or challenge DeSantis. attacks people who do,” Politico wrote after Pusha’s job change.

Earlier this week, Carolina Amesty, a Republican running for the state House in Florida’s District 45 and a staunch supporter of DeSantis’ agenda, told Fox News Digital that the governor doesn’t get a fair shake from the media.

“The media has gone after conservative Republicans right now,” Amesty said.

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