Zoë Kravitz regrets Will Smith slap comment

“Here’s a picture of my outfit at the show where we’re now assaulting people on stage,” she wrote with the caption.

That didn’t go over well with some on the Internet, and Kravitz now says, “It’s a terrible time to have an opinion or say the wrong thing or make controversial art or statements or ideas or whatever.”

“It’s scary mostly because art is about conversation. That should always be the point, in my opinion,” he told the Wall Street Journal magazine. “The Internet is the opposite of conversation. Internet people spout things and take nothing away.”

Reflecting on it, Kravitz said, “I’m torn about what to say right now, because I have to talk about it; I have very complicated feelings around it.”

“I wish I had handled it differently,” she said. “And that’s right.”

These days, she prefers to express herself through her art, which includes her directorial debut “P***y Island”.

One of its stars is now her boyfriend, actor Channing Tatum.

He told the publication that he didn’t know Kravitz before the project, but that he had complete faith in him directing the film.

“Of the people that I think have a real shot at making something really unique and compelling out of the gate, they’re at the top of that list,” he said. “Having said that, you don’t really know someone until they show up on their first day as a director.”

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