Trevor Noah defends Kanye West: ‘Humans in general are complicated’

Previously, the two feuded over Noah’s comments that West was “harassing” his ex-wife Kim Kardashian during the divorce, but now Noah says it’s more complicated than that.

“It’s easy to stand on the sidelines, see a train wreck coming and not say anything about it,” Noah said on Variety’s “Awards Circuit” podcast.

He continued: “And then after the train derails, we say, ‘Oh, I saw that coming!’ Well, then why didn’t you say anything? Especially if you have some kind of platform, you have some kind of responsibility to speak the truth, you know, see something and say something.

Nova added that people are complicated.

“Humans are a paradox,” he said. “We can love the people we hate, we can hate the people we love. Humans as a whole are complex contradictions. So, I don’t like to live in a world where we constantly discard human beings like pieces of garbage.”

He credits West with his artistry and says he is still able to care for him as a human being.

“Kanye West has been an indelible influence in my life. His music has literally carried me through different periods of my journey, but then there are moments where I go, ‘Man, Kanye, you, you’re going on the rails here.’ But I can still say, ‘I care about you as a man, that’s why I’m talking. I don’t care about you—I’m not going to hate you all of a sudden,'” he said, “and that’s how I try and see the world; I hope people see me.”

“We must all have a chance at redemption,” said Noah.

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