Masaba Gupta starts the day working out and then “5000% focus on work”.

An excerpt from Masaba Gupta’s post. (Courtesy: Masabagupta)

New Delhi:

On Wednesday, Masaba Gupta shared a workout video on Instagram only to encourage her fans to “grow” and “get better”. The fashion designer-cum-actress, who is the daughter of veteran star Neena Gupta, shared that she did not workout for the past two weeks due to work. But now, he announced, it’s time to return to “regular programming”. “You have to keep moving! I learned this the hard way because I didn’t have it in me to workout with everything I’ve been trying to do for the past 2 weeks. I’ve put every single thing in front of me for months – Masaba Masaba/Lovechild/ House of Masaba (that’s a lot of Masabas) and I have no choice but to return to normal programming,” he wrote.

The designer inspired his fans to move forward in life. “Movement to start the day and then 5000% focus on my work. So that’s learning – you have to move! Slow and steady not only on the mat or in the gym.. in life too! You have to keep moving and growing and improving!” She ended her note.

Check out Masaba Gupta’s post below:

Besides being busy promoting the second season of his Netflix show, Masaba Masaba, the 33-year-old actress launched a new beauty brand called Lovechild by Masaba. She is also the founder of the fashion label House of Masaba.

Meanwhile, a fashion designer was also seen in the past Modern Love MumbaiIn Chapter – I love Thane – with Ritwik Bhowmik.

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