Akshay Kumar to NDTV on the day his sister was born: “Remember the obvious above others

Arjun Kapoor shared this picture with his sister Alka. (Courtesy: Akshay Kumar)


Akshay Kumar, with typical Akshay Kumar timing, has a film Protective arrest Out on Raksha Bandhan festival. Like the character he plays in the film, Akshay is actually an elder brother to his sister. Speaking to NDTV, the 54-year-old actor recalled his own memories of the day his sister Alka was born – a day, he said, that he remembers better than any other. “The biggest memory was when she was born…my father came to pick me up,’Aja Your sister has come,” Akshay told NDTV, recounting the journey to the nursing home where the movie took place.

On seeing his sister, his mother told Akshay that she is the goddess of their house. “When I saw my sister for the first time, my mother told me”Ghar Ki Devi Hai Ye,'” Akshay said, “I remember it more clearly than any other day in my life.”

Akshay Kumar’s Reel Alter Go In Protective arrest Puts His Sisters’ Happiness Before His Own – As Lala Kedarnath, he refuses to marry his childhood sweetheart, played by Bhumi Pednekar, until he arranges marriages for his four younger sisters. It turns out that playing spoilsport is easier said than done with financial hardship. Like many of Akshay Kumar’s films, Protective arrest A comedy about a serious subject.

Raksha Bandhan will also be released on the day Aamir Khan is released Lal Singh Chadha. “It’s a big week and we have about three to four holidays. Me and Aamir are praying that both the films will run,” Akshay told NDTV about the box office conflict.

Raksha Bandhan reunites Akshay Kumar Atrangi Rev Director Anand L Rai; His screen sisters are played by Sadia Khatib, Sahezmeen Kaur, Smriti Srikanth and Deepika Khanna.

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